If a problem arises with your chimney, it is important not to panic because there is very likely a reliable solution on offer. However, it is always best to have issues with your chimney resolved as quickly as possible. This will help to minimise the overall impact and potential cost and danger to you. If you are looking for support with any number of problems that arise with your chimney, call on Chimney Solutions. We are a family run company that has been operating since 2002 and we have a considerable amount of experience and expertise when it comes to caring for chimneys. No matter what chimney problems you face, we are here to help.

Chimney problems can impact on your health

It is important to be aware that some chimney problems can impact on your health. Whether the problem has been caused by a poor design or something has occurred to change the reliability of your chimney, it is best to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible. We are on hand when you need us most and as soon as you experience issues with your chimney, get in touch and we will be more than happy to provide you with guidance, support and a resolution to the problem.

Chimney problems are best left to the experts

Due to the fact that chimney problems can be dangerous, it is always best to leave it to the experts. We know that many people like to carry out DIY work at home, to save money and to take a great sense of pride in what they do, but when it comes to chimney work, call on the experts. Our team have considerable experience and we have the best equipment and materials. When it comes to resolving the issues that can arise at your property and your chimney, we are the leading local chimney firm to trust.

We provide value for money chimney repair work

We know that many people have concerns about the cost of hiring a professional that provides emergency repairs. We are pleased to say that our considerable experience and expertise in dealing with chimneys has helped us to be fully confident in the work that we do. We can carry out a high standard of work with a minimum of fuss and effort, which allows us to charge a fair fee without compromising or cutting corners when it comes to quality. If you want peace of mind and value for money when it comes to caring for your chimney, get in touch.

Some of the most common problems associated with a poorly maintained chimney include:

  • Leaking chimney
  • Damage caused by a chimney fire
  • Tar deposits being located in chimneys and flues
  • Down drafts
  • A lack of sufficient ventilation
  • Blockages caused by chimney’s internally collapsing or compacted bird nest materials
  • A lack of sufficient draw related to poorly designed chimneys and fireplaces

If you have experienced any issues or problems with your chimneys, get in touch with Chimney Solutions and we will be more than happy to provide you with guidance, support and solutions.